As reported previously by one Tim Olson, a trip to the zoo can be a fully worthwhile way to spend a warm summer day. Here’s a quick view of some of the sights of my day at the zoo!

As any zoo-goer may expect, we spied a lounging hippo cooling down and staying fat.

This wild rat-tailed specimen was spotted spitting wildly at the camels in the enclosure, as his mulleted parents chortled and cheered him on.

As been noted in many scientific journals, apes have proven to be very adapt at picking up sign language.

The smell of a fresh Moldarama dinosaur can bring a smile to any jaded old man’s face!

{nl}{nl}While I didn’t manage to capture the entire Moldarama catalog like Tim did, my dinos are feeling extra spectacular in their new home above my computer!
{nl}(One time when I was like 15, I tried to wax a curb with a Moldarama gorrilla. It didn’t work.)