Mookie and Pookie.

So yesterday, mother nature tried to shit on my insatiable lust for brats. Josh burned phone books and even almost set the neighbors house on fire trying to get the grill going. We decided upon going inside and actually using our stovetop (it hasn’t been turned on since I moved in and who knows how long before that). I got some water and beer in what I thought was a teflon pan and proceeded to fry up those tasty links. I even boiled some hot dogs for our upstairs neighbor. I don’t think she liked them too much though. I put the ketchup and mustard on the bottom which she hates. She claims that you can’t taste it that way. I’m calling bullshit. Regardless, Josh and I had some delicious meat tubes, watched some Tales from the Darkside (the intro song used to scare me when I was a kid) and topped it off with some zebra cakes. Good times, but I wish I would have skated yesterday too.

Speaking of skating, tommorrow night is the weekly “Old Guy Night” at the best place in the world; Cream City. Even though I can’t go, I still want to make sure you guys get out there and spark it off. And don’t be afraid to sing along to Josh’s playlist. You know you love it.

Photo of the Millenium #7

“I’m going to skate until I’m old and gray and my bones break and won’t heal anymore”