My new friend is an real live nihilist

It’s been some time since I last updated the site on my usual Monday. I can’t say that I’ve been slacking, it’s been a function of the amount of time I spend each day doing things that are actaully important, not that I’m claiming that these updates don’t make me happy, because they do, more so than most things. The past few weeks have been quite amazing actually, full of adventure, skateboarding, drinking and yes, smoking.

Last Wednesday magna and I met the crew at Cream City for skate night. For those who are unaware, skate night is every Wednesday at Cream. It’s a really good opportunity to skate with the dudes, hang out and occasionally drink a pabst, although I’ve been in school mode so drinking on a weekday is not really in my best interest, especially when I have an 8am discussion section to hold on Thursday morning. Mags pulled a flipper down the big two, which I was quite impressed with. Bill, as can be expected, has been killing it as well. He had these backside 360’s going two weeks ago that were textbook, no slip foot H-Street action. In the end we had an amazing time, and I would urge anyone from Illinois to MPLS to make the trek over for skate night, it’s a really good time.

As Mags alluded to, we tried to update the site from the bar the other night, but it only happened twice, not five times as promised. I’m afraid that this weekend won’t be much better, as I’ll be in NYC from Friday-Monday. When I return though, it’s definitely on. I’m working on this book that basically is about becoming a total douche. It’s a collection of stories, journal entries, photos, medical reports, and anything else that I feel will enhance the overall success of such a project. Does it sound absolutely retarded? Good, that’s basically the point of the project. With all the emphasis on “reality” in every aspect of entertainment, I’d like to take a detour and make something completely false in a really real way. The everyday goings on of me and my friends. It will not be a best seller, it will be THE best seller. Best seller ever. With quotes from people involved and those on the fringe.

I have to go and hold a section, but not before make good on my list of rad-ness for the week. Girls with nice boots, boys with good bags, dark hair, sons and daughters of the former Eastern Bloc, going to NYC in three days, research proposal deadlines, energy drinks and ELO, puking blood, leaning against newspaper boxes, shampooing dead tarantulas, inspiring friends from all walks of life, Catholic nihilists, teaching english in China and being done with school in spring.