One to Another

A little known fact about the Triumvirate is that we may freely trade members amongst ourselves without any sort of antagonistic effects upon any of our statistic modifiers. (Included are exp, hp, sp, con, spd, str, etc, etc, et al.) Due to this fact, we present Platinum Seagulls and the Greater Minneapolis area with one Jeff Bauman. He will arrive tomorrow parcel post, do with him as you will, but treat him right, or there will be consequences! So…who are you sending in return?

In other news, in Tim’s approximently three weeks of living in Milwaukee, he has already consumed at least 40 bratwurst (as the crow flies). He’s averaging at least four a day now, and that number can only increase. Here’s to Milwaukee’s Germanic heritage! Salut! (One might also read some spicy thoughts into the idea of Tim eating so many weiner shaped items!!!)