Pave Low

While my opinion of concept albums really is definitely quite low, I will still present a wiskate first (albeit not on purpose): A CONCEPT POST – DUDES FLYING OVER FENCES.

Max starts us off with the classic flat ground ollie over giant rusty metal fence.

Matt takes it a little more dangerously, going switch over the spikey bent fence.

He did it a few times, just for fun. Because you see, going over fences is his #1 favorite past time. You’ll see.

This is 10 minutes later and 100 feet away from the switch ollie. Another fence to jump.

Matt, backside ollie the less spikey fence.

Imagine arriving home from a long day of skateboarding and getting to think to yourself “I switch ollied two fences on the same block today”. I bet that doesn’t happen too often on this planet.

This ‘lil guy certainly does love to fly over divisions in today’s society. Switch backside ollie.

These guys were there too. Film making, as you can see. The subject of the film is: undying devotional friendship.

The end.

And…if you’re still bored, check out this video James sent me. SOGNAR. Lots of good moves on the NYC Urbane streets.