Piss Yourself, Five Baths Daily

Saturday continued..

Golden hour wheat or long light rat tail or sunshiny weave, your choice.

2/3 Shorewood, 1/3 releasing the dogs.

Bill said this was the first rail he had ever done. But those were different times. Times when it was a mighty four stair. How the mighty fall. Max, Backside 50-50.

Remember during the big rails era when all a guy had to do for his new video part was do every trick in his last part, but on a rail one stair longer? We’ve always discussed how great it would be in reverse world if the sizes of the rails got smaller with each consecutive video part. This day it became reality. Tj, frontside nosegrind.

Reiser, second street rail of his career. Twenty four hours later he upped that statistic to three. Year of the Reiser!

Speaking of Reiser, I also have just added a bunch of his photos to the “Photo Archive” thing on the site. I hope you will enjoy to view them.

The Gorf Life!