Plastic Hell

So I have been doing alot of traveling to the skateparks in our wonderful state. A few that I have been to have been great. Green Bay, the bowl in Wisconsin Rapids, and a couple of other ones have been fun. BUT, I have been seeing alot of these plastic molded, blacktop ground masterpieces that some company called Skatewave has been selling to these small towns. It’s a pity. Why would cities waste money on these things? I understand that it’s great that they are getting you guys parks, but they are taking the easy way out. If your city is even considering giving you a park, I urge you to go to the meetings and make sure you are getting something good. Please, stop this wave of bad skateparks. They are pushing you off the streets and into a crappy fenced in playground. It’s like a McDonald’s playplace. Don’t stand for it anymore.