R.T. Jascr and the Fantastic Jascr Burger

The excitement levels have been pretty low. It’s been raining since Friday night, it’s now Tuesday morning. We saw Superbad and I bought the Private Lessons soundtrack on LP. We fed Gary 10,000 honey buns. Etc.

Besides Catalyst, Venom is Gary’s favorite band.

On Friday before the torrents of rain moistened my vagina, I went out with a bunch of dudes and got some photos:

Wallride photo! I tried to do this wallride for way too long about a year ago but I couldn’t land it. So I told Danny Stemper it was up to him to make things right and get revenge. He did it in about eight tries. I think that means he’s about 145X better at skating than I am.

Here’s Tj Bohach with a switch crooked grind and a frontside noseblunt on a picnic table. The table is janky as balls so Stemper got very scared and held my flash for me instead of skating it. Or maybe my flash radio broke and he was nice and held my flash for me. Probably the second one.

Better late than never, Tj frontside blunts.

This rail has about four sidewalk squares of run up. Tj Bohach with a crooked grind pop out. Waxing provided by Garth Vader. Flash holding provided by Stemper.

We tried to convince a couple of 10 year old bmxers to jump this gap but they claimed their tires would pop. Tj switch ollied it instead. His tires didn’t pop.

I’m pretty sure no one on the planet likes this spot. I guess it’s pretty cool if you like skating on sandpaper. Tj, yet again, with a frontside 360 crail. He landed it so clean that it convinced me to feed Gary four extra honey buns.

I wish I had some cool links to put here, but I don’t.