Sagat vs. Bergeron

Last night Tim and I caught a two hour block of AFV where I witnessed one of the greatest clips ever. Tim missed it because he was off making some soup in a foam cup, and he will probably regret that decision for the rest of his life. This clip in question featured a pig biting a young kid in the naughtiest of zones, instantly breaking into tears, and everyone else standing around him laughing. How a person could deny that kind of comic genius, I do not know. I’m not speaking of Tim, of course, I’m speaking of Gabe who for some reason hates AFV. He must also hate America and kittens.

Anyway, here’s the final installment of amazing and exciting weekend photos. Saturday we took it to the mall downtown to graze upon the tastiest subs this side of the mighty Mississip. Being from Illinois, Gabe was ultra impressed by the singing animatronic holiday bears. He couldn’t conceal his excitement…

In fact, he got so excited that he was bouncing off the fences…

We were pretty stoked to try to skate this spot when we drove past it in the car. The tranny to fence looked perfect. Too bad you can barely roll on the asphalt part of the bank. Tim almost had a super high wallride on it, but the fence broke before he could land it. He was sad in the pants for the rest of the day.

Photo of the day #53

It is supposed to snow tonight and then again tomorrow. That makes me miss summer. Summer was fun, as the above photo illustrates. We will miss thee. Tim took this photo. FYI.