Samsung A300

I was going to scold Mr. Twister for posting that Internet Proletariat link to the Little Superstar video clip down below. It had already been on Crailtap a bit ago, and their funny links are already three weeks late, which is basically six years in internet time. Then I realized that not everyone sits at a computer (at least) eight hours every weekday and they instead actually have real lives. What a novel idea. Regardless, Twister, you have escaped my internet nerd wrath. I hope to one day join your ranks of not having to sit at a computer all day at my job. One day….

My review of Lil’ B’s part did not net me any hate mail, which I hated, but I did actually get an email regarding cooking bratwurst, which is obviously almost as good. Brad pointed me in the direction of this product: a chimney grill starter. I have no idea what it is, or how it works, but Brad says he stands by this product and you need no lighter fluid whatsoever. Almost as novel as not sitting on a computer for eight hours a day! My mind continues to be blown away today with all these new ideas. Anyway, he goes on to say that we should perhaps start posting cook out recipes and how groundbreaking the coupling of skateboarding and cooking out could make a website. Totally agreed. Brad also says that this beer can chicken recipe is “time consuming, but totally worth it”. I can barely cook a frozen pizza, so we’ll have to leave this one to Tim to try out.

That leads me into this: we hardly get any email anymore. The site used to get a ton, and I would never write back to half of it, but it was still awesome. So basically, send me some email. Tell me you hate me, send me a video clip of the best trick you ever did, a grip of naked pictures of your mom, I don’t care. The best stuff will be discussed roundtable style on the site. Make it so!

Some of the younger dudes from here (that being Milwaukee) are making a new skateboarding video entitled “We Dislike it Here”. They may actually finish it, compared to my video, which I clearly did not. These guys all rip and are humble about it, so this thing gets the wiskate thumbs up. Peep their trailer here.

Need I mention that Old Dude Night is tonight at Cream City? Contrary to earlier reports, Tim will actually be making it. Intelligence also states that Uncle Aaron will be in attendance this week. Don’t blow it. I doubt I’ll be filming anything tonight, I’m out of tapes (the stack of “to capture” tapes is now like nine tapes tall) and don’t feel like buying any, but I just got a slave flash for my tiny point and shoot digital Elph, so let’s take some stupid photos!

Photo of the day #13

This story in photos details the catching of my first salmon ever. Taken by Lord Cru, by the way. It was about this time last year and me and Cru went down by the river and started casting out the spoons. In no time at all I had one on and was fighting the, at the time, fight of my life. In fact, I must have been doing so poorly so as to attract the attention of a guy in waders that was pretty close to my hooked fish. So he did what any guy in waders would do, he just walked over, grabbed it, and carried it over to me. “Where do you want this?” he asked. I just kind of shrugged and pointed to the shore. I wasn’t really sure what to do, actually. Me and Cru got that sucker unhooked, and as the final photo shows, released him back into the sea, just like Free Willy.

Last year I must have caught more than ten more salmons in the many days me, Cru, and Twister went down to the river. I may be more seasoned in the way of the zombie salmon now, but it’s a new year. I haven’t fought the fights in almost twelve months, and today is the first day Cru and I are going to try our luck. I feel almost like I’ve never hooked one of those stinky, jizzing beasts before, and it’s a great feeling. Wish us luck!