Saw The Royals On The Screen Today….

My good friend John McGuire over at the Zero headquarters gave me a glimpse into next years skateboard fashion. It seems as though the kids are taking it to the next level by pushing the “costume” envelope. Here, check out a pic of John with Corey Duffel.

Of course, that’s Corey behind John. As you can clearly see, Corey has abandoned the tight pants for a more comfortable, colorful attire. What’s next? I hope it’s the “Grimace” look.

John also sent me a video of a guy getting kicked in the balls repeatedly, but I don’t have the nerve to show you that one. It’s gruesome.

Yesterday I won 4 bucks on a 2 dollar scratch off. It’s awesome because I have no money, and now I can get a value meal. Man, this is a total McDonald’s update.

Tim Burton ruined another classic. What a shame. Watch the trailer to see what I mean.