Scientific Notation.

It’s getting cold out there. Winter is on the way and boredom will follow shortly thereafter. Before it gets too insane, Josh and I are gearing up to make a trip to New York at the end of this month. Hopefully we get to skate some good stuff and not get mugged. Do alot of people really get mugged or is that just a myth? I have never been there, but I guess I will find out (not the hard way, I hope). Either way it should prove to be entertaining.

So, being a fan of art, I like to look at various web pages of artists I think are good. For example, Jeremy Fish, an artist out of San Francisco who does my favorite stuff to date. Others include (but are not limited to); Don Pendleton, Nico Stumpo, Bob K., and Buffmonster.
Check those guys out and get inspired to create.

Oh, and before I forget, I have to put up a huge image of some sort or Josh will get confused. So here it is.

Word up.