Set Up!

Last night I watched Full Metal Jacket. Pretty intense and alot of gratuitous violence.
Made me think about what might happen if G-Dubs is voted back into office for a second term. He wants to re-instate the draft and raise the age to 34. 34? That would mean I might have a chance of becoming the next Private Pyle (that’s him up there if you didn’t know). He wigged out and killed his drill sargent and himself. Not good. There would be a whole bunch of Pyles if that were to happen, so please vote on November 2nd. Oh, and don’t vote for Bush. Thanks.

Has anyone ever noticed that Lil’ Jon is the Little Richard of the new millenium? Some may disagree, but I see the similarities – the screaming, the gayness, the jewelry……pretty much the same guy.

I know you may be asking yourselves; “what ever happened to Ryan Wilson?” Well I am wondering the same thing. That guy could kill any ramp and hold it down on the streets as well. I think there is a clip of him somewhere on this site. Go find it and see for yourself. Come back Ryan Wilson, we miss you.

It’s getting cold out there – make the best of the remaining time you have to skate. Get those last minute bangers for your sponsor me tapes and “team” websites. Just get out there.

Love you guys.