She Looks Like She Might Smell Weird.

King of the Road has come and gone which marks the end of summer and the beginning of my personal favorite season; fall. Best time to get out and skate, not sweat like a pig and dress up like your favorite Star Wars character. Not only that, but a very special video will be coming out right in time to bum you out on that fact that you wont be skating in 70 degree weather for a good 6-7 months. Good timing, dicks.

Speaking of Star Wars characters, it’s good to see that Chewy got drafted by the Brewers. Second base? I thought he was a pitcher.

Oh, he is. Even better to know that he’s a left handed pitcher. I’m predicting at least 4 no-hitters next season.

Cream City just keeps getting better, now with the addition of a new four foot tall mini ramp and a old school style jump ramp for you to smash your knee cartilage into a million pieces while perfecting your judo airs. Go there tomorrow and complete your life.

I’m sure all of you know about Estabrook park by now. It’s great to have a place to go skate and not worry about tickets and police, but please, if you go there, try to keep it clean and not smash or break anything (on purpose). Dane and others are putting a lot of work into it, so you jerks owe it to him to have some respect. Thanks.

Gary says hi.

Later nerds.