Show Me On The Doll Where Bryan Adams Touched You (points to heart).

Whenever I get a new app for my phone, I’m usually over it in less than a week. Twitter was fine for keeping up to date with what new sexy adventures Matt Nordness’s sister embarked on, but it didn’t hold my attention, Facebook is just boring and whiny and that Friendster app just keeps crashing. But for some reason, I’ve really enjoyed Instagram. Probably because I hate reading. I’m one of those guys that looks at Playboy for the pictures, you know?

Anyway, here’s some more pictures I took with my iPhone, pushed a button to make look “vintage” and shared with my 6 followers.

My favorite thing to take pictures of is skateboarding. Makes sense, right? It’s especially fun when the dudes you get to skate with do cool moves. Like Gabe up there. Frontside nosegrind transfer.

Everything dies. Including you.

When I’m not skateboarding, I’m working. And sometimes when I’m working I like to draw pictures to convey messages to my co-workers. Do you think they got the point?

Again, it’s awesome when you have rad people to skate with and take pictures of.

Sound check.

I fell down and my thumb exploded.

I have this clip-on fisheye lens for my iPhone. The science has yet to be perfected, but I like the way it looks regardless. Matt’s frontside blunts, on the other hand, are perfect.

If you take the wide angle lens off the clip-on attachment, it makes a neat macro lens. Now I can finally study my grind patterns to understand why I’m bad at skateboarding.

When Pat did this frontside wall roll to yank out, he landed with his butt dragging down the bank and powersliding. Yet he somehow managed to not put his hands on the ground at all. You’ll see it in the new skate part Eric and I are making for the Roger video that will come out this summer.

When you see this guy, you know it’s over.

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Later nerds.