Shredding for Gentry

On the first day it hasn’t snowed in Wisconsin in what seems like forever a Skate Jam was held at the Brookfield Skate Park to raise money in support of ousting Chris Gentry and wife Ricca from the Dallas Detention Center, I’m sure you all know that drama by now, but in case you don’t, the Gentry’s were arrested for sexually assualting armadillos and running them over! A ton of people showed up and everyone seemed to be having a great time. It was one of the better party sessions I’ve seen in awhile, not like the jock snake sessions that usually happen in a open jams like that. The announcer (Wild Will) kept having to yell Caddyshack quotes and adult humor to make people a little crazier in the cold weather. However everyone was too stoked on good skating, bitter cold and free beers. Well everyone except for the girl that slipped on dog poop and almost fell into the bank ramp. I tried my best not to laugh becuase I am sure she could have beaten me up.

I almost forgot it was a contest, given the atmosphere–canadian fly-out scene, beers, music, BBQ, dogs in jean jackets and little fully padded kids up running around all over the place. The session never stopped. Question Boy, Noah Staller, Benny, Norris and too many others were all killing it, I even heard Tim Olson was there. There were just too many names too mention and too many tricks to keep track of. Kingdom Skateboards had the BBQ manned and were selling shirts to benefit the Gentry Family Fund and supplied the beer. In the end it was Broman Sam (emmix) in first and local ouch! riders Question Boy and Richie in second and third.