Skater of the Year

So its almost time for Thrasher to reveal their “Skater of the Year” (later this week i think) and I’m like “who cares?” It reminds me of when I was a youngster and I would pick my nose and wipe my boogers on the wall next to my bed. Every sunday I would have to clean the wall with a wash cloth. Bye bye boogers. Truthfully there are some that I remember though. Like the bloody ones or the ones that I could feel coming from all the way up by my brains. These boogers were almost like family. At the very least they were my friends. I guess what I’m trying to say is I cant remember any of the past “skater of the year” winners but I can remember almost every skate shesh with my friends. Thats what is really important in skateboarding, your homies and the fun you have. Cause you’re all skaters of the year. Wiskaters of the year. Holy shit i’m crying. 😉