“Skating is way easier than filming”

What turned out to be a simple edit of Cream City footage that I didn’t use and/or “alternate” angles from ‘Betrayed in the Octagon’ turned out to be an extended edit because of old man winter’s wrath upon Milwaukee during February/Early March. Even an attempted sesh in the Lower Level/Room could not beat the elements of rain, snow, and sleet. But we are the “resistance fighters.” Fortunately, the greatest place on Earth provides us with a place to chill, session, have fun, and/or combat mother nature’s frigid anger. We are forever grateful Bill.

Doublecrossed Inside an 8 sided Polygon from Gabe Chan on Vimeo.

*Triva/goofs: Hank filmed a lot with the new Panasonic because of my dumb ass taking forever to land a trick and according to him “skating is easier than filming.” Either way, Hank has filming and skating wired. Josh did his first back heel and his thoughts were “it felt weird.” And for some reason Josh wanted to go to this new Japanese Mega Arcade at Southridge during the day….during the DAY?! In my opinion you gotta skate during the day and hit the arcade at night. Speaking of arcades, during the Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat days my cousin and I would rarely go during the day…night time is where the “action” is, day time is when you practice finishing moves, babalities, and combos. But this is 2019, not 1993…we’re old. Ok, I’m rambling…laters.