Sky, MJ, Farrah, Ed. In that order.

I’m quite certain the real question is: is the Tiger from inside the gatefold cover of Thriller still alive? I asked Google and it didn’t know. I asked ebay and all I found out is people are paying $50-$100 for copies of the Thriller LP. It is highest selling record of all time. Over 100 million copies were sold worldwide. People are not very smart.

Anyway, even though we didn’t know if the tiger is in mourning or not, we soldiered on and spent our night of doing skating paying tribute to MJ. You can view this as captured by Eric’s Polaroid in the post below.

Otherwise here’s some from last Sunday:

This rail has high danger ankle smasher curb on the landing. Tj wasn’t scary and gave ‘er a few frontside boardslides.

I suppose spikey faux medieval fence is even more scary than a little curb you might step on on accident. Matt Nordness – Backside 180.

Max Murphy – Frontside 180.

Matt earned a very special fan while trying this kickflip. “We’re not leaving until you land it!!”, tiara included.

His board sustained much damage during the kickflip crisis. Many HP lost.


Farrah was regular. Micheal was goofy.