slack attack!!!!

God have I been sleeping on the posts. Wiskate just gets a boost from our buddies at THE SKATEBOARD MAG and I am just caught sleeping like my buddy, well we know who I’m talking about. I got some sweet photos that my buddy rex took when he was in town. God is this guy great, a little cocky when it comes to ping-pong though. I have to tell you that rex and steve almost did’nt make it here and are lucky to be alive. This picture explains things a little bit.

As soon as these guys got on the road a tow truck lost his car and this was the aftermath. God, that tow driver looks like a killer.
I haven’t been slacking even though I haven’t been posting. I have been gearing up for the World Championship fingerbang off in Dirty Stallis. Check out the pop on that tre son!!!

Watch out for this guy. If you have any gay pandas at your house keep them locked up because this is what is happening around the nation.

I am getting too old and lazy to even skate aroud town so I just picked up one of these wounderful things. God I look good! I’m going to upgrade to the Tandom one when it comes out.

Shits just keeps getting better at
We finished the punk bank a couple weeks ago and its a gnarler. Come on down and get on the rock to fakie hall of fame… Magna is sleeping on it, pussy.

If its 60 out and its old dude night does it happen?