Snapanese Jacktime

Last night I was going to start capturing the footage from the stack of tapes that just seems to keep getting taller, but watching Myth Busters (one I had already seen) seemed like a much better idea. If you fall off a bridge, throwing a hammer into the water right before you hit it will not diffuse the water and save your life. The more you know…

In other news, Pizzy and I went and saw that new Jackass movie. Before you ask, yes, we both did the popcorn trick on each other. Me first, and then him. Anyway, movie-wise I wasn’t really expecting much, but I’ll have to admit that it was super funny. Bam’s fingerless gloves were also divine!

Someone stole a generator from the dudes over at the Plat. I bet it was Bauman. Seriously though, one time my camera bag and all of its contents got stolen out of my car from the parking lot at that one skatepark, and through the powers of detective work, the help of Rob Owens, and wild ambushes we got it all back. Actually it was pretty much 99.7% Rob’s doing that I got it back at all. Regardless, somehow it all worked out and I was filming again later that day. The moral of the story is, maybe you’ll get lucky.

Photo of the day #6

This is a classic picture of wiskate’s favorite son of Serbia, Boban Milasavljevic. Did I spell that right? Probably not. Anyway, this had to have been taken in probably ’98, maybe ’99. We were at our friend Mark’s house, and probably had just got done sessioning our little private “skatepark” we had set up in one of the warehouses there. We were so ahead of our time on the “Training Facility” craze it’s not even funny. Or maybe our friend’s parents owned some greenhouses and let us put some ramps and crap in a warehouse in the winter, either way. My point being: Boban is a classic character, he’s wearing Mark’s Dad’s “Cudahy Gun Club Life” hat, and while Boban might be a classic character, he doesn’t have shit on Mark’s dad. But we’ll save those stories for another day.