Sneaky Piledriver

I decided to take an Eric day today. So instead of going to school, work, mowing my lawn, or whatever it is I usually do on Wednesday, I thought I’d share some vacation photos.

Looking at them now, there aren’t many photos of skateboarding, but I swear we actually did a decent amount of skating.*

Preparing to depart: Me, 3 dudes, and a 300 dollar Taurus (The Open Road)…

…and 3 tons of camping/???/photo gear.

First spot of the trip was an airplane. Max did a wallride. Since I didn’t get a photo, here’s a picture he drew of it.

LEFT: Detailed outline of our route. RIGHT: PG-13 Nudie Cards.

LEFT: The Open Road braves daunting weather. RIGHT: Glad I slept in the car.

Probably the only real skate photo I took. Tim – F/S rock.

And maybe this one too. Tim – Feeble (maybe to fakie? Can’t remember.)

TOP: Slaughter Lane.
MIDDLE: Sneaky Piledriver.
BELOW: Having a “moment”.

Camping follies.


The Open Road surveys tornado damage to a major Juggalo port.

Austin/Cloud City

B/S Tail.

Texas was hot. Highs of 100-110 every day. Tim claims he had a heat stroke.*

Swimming again. I did some math and I think our trip was probably 60% swimming/15% skating/25% sweating.

Max – Smith Grind

Max – Mega Ramp nose manual

Homeward bound.

If we learned anything, it’s to never go to Texas in late August, unless you are really good at being sweaty. Big thanks to everyone in TX and everywhere else for showing us around/letting us crash in your backyards.

*= Debatable.