Soccer Mom.

Oh, hi. I’ll bet you thought I was never going to update this here website again, didn’t you? Well, suck it. You’re wrong.

So there’s this dude that draws real good crap that makes everyone laugh. He is also part owner of a skateboarding company you may have heard of called Roger. On weekends, he spends his time in a online shanty talking to animals and inanimate objects and teaching us the finer points of landing “bolts”. I’m sure he does a lot of other real neat stuff too, but I don’t know what those pastimes are. He took a minute out of his busy schedule to fill out my questionaire and I thank him for it. So here, read the Top 3’s of the dude named Michael Sieben.

Top 3:

Reasons to be in Texas:
The weather

Reasons NOT to be in Texas:
My career
The weather
George Bush (from Maine) still lives here

People to skate with:
Little Kids

Ways to start your day:
Feed the cats
Make the coffee

People to watch ride a skateboard:
My buddy Adam Young
Nate Broussard
My step-brother when he used to skate

80’s movies:
Terms of Endearment
Coal Miner’s Daughter
Witches of Eastwick

Celebrity boobs:
Chris Farley
John Goodman
That dude on LOST

Skateboard graphics:

Skateboard videos:
A Brother’s Revenge
Cardiel’s Epicly Later’d

Slams of all time:
Last Summer at the Poop Shoot Ditch – 4 scars
Broken wrist at the Banana Farm July 4th, 2005
Hill bomb Barton Skyway – entire forearm scab July 4th, 1998

Art fags:
Mike Aho
Jeremy Fish
Mel Kadel and Travis Millard

Why Brad from space camp sucks:
He has great hair and a nice complexion
Because he’s a total C-Hole (catchphrase placement)

People you love to hate:
I don’t hate anybody

Skateboard fashions:
When’s the flood?
Double shirts (still?)
Anything having to do with a shoelace

Things to read while making deuce:
Thrasher (contractual obligation)
Shampoo labels
My will

Cold beverages:
Sweet Leaf – Mint and Honey Iced Tea
Ice water with a hint of lime
Lobster smoothies

Reality television shows:
Silver Spoons
Dr. Who

Pet peeves:
People being hateful
Talking about doing shit vs. doing shit (myself included)
People spilling hot coffee on my dick

Ways to say goodbye:
Word to your herd
Peace from my grease
Jump through a window

Thanks again Michael.

Later nerds.