Solid Gold Goth Hits by Dan Watson

I asked my Canadian internet buddy Dan Watson to make a musical mix for the website.  You may wonder what the Wisconsin connection is.  He’s somewhat in/famous for running the internet blog “You Will Soon”, best known for cyberbullying Steve Berra and praising the moon boot era of skate shoes.  He was also once sent to foreign lands and paid to put on fingerboarding demos.  Anyway, years ago I probably emailed him trying to tell him that Axion shoes that were considered by NASA for use on a space mission weren’t all that great, and the e-romance naturally blossomed from there.

In his icy home land of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan it’s a whole other story.  Dan is best known for DJing a Goth Nite at a local spooky cobwebbed filled bat cave.  All the women have Robert Smith cobweb hair and are wearing lace gloves.  It reeks of clove cigarettes, white face dust, and the saddest moment you can remember.  Get ready to “Punch the Hobbit” and “Join in the Chant”, because things are about to get VERY spooky up in here.