Somebody’s Got A Case Of The Mondays

nocomplyriversideweb bssmithastorrailwebMatt “Male Nurse” Nordness has been having a tough time at work the past couple months, all the other nurses think he looks creepy with his “Mortstache”. He sure put an egg in their face’s with this Wallie No Comply and Bs Smith Grind. #Bman4ever

ollieonefootrswebNick “Damage Controller” Mistele has been working the last four weeks one handed. While out skating this weekend He decided to use only one foot. Ollie one foot

walliecrooksallenbradwebPatrick”Tooth Pimp” Forster gets tired of pimpin them teeth sometimes and feels obligated to grace marble ledges all around the land with a patent Wallie Nollie Crooks

nolliebigspinrswebDrew “Teach” Rickaby Spins a hefty Nollie Bigspin anticipating the questions and knowledge he will be smothered with tomorrow morning from this countries great youth.

lipslideallenbradwebMax “Damage Controller” Murphy lip slides this sleek marble ledge while the sounds of countless mariachi bands play in his head.

fastplantrswebEric “Mail Man” Risser Prefers to plant his feet the same way he likes to get the great citizens of Milwaukee’s mail delivered, fast. Fast Plant