Someone forgot to pay the electric bill!

I really like the fact that the site was down for a couple days. Not because I wanted to be inaccesible, but rather that it was sort of cute. That being said this weekend was great. Shall I give you a recap? Here goes…

Friday night there was a blowout at Cream City, a pre-game if you will. The Roots fellas came through and thrashed for a bit and drank a little as well. Young (is he?) CJ showed that he can pretty much do every flip and ledge trick pretty much every time. He skated the big two like a bear would.

Saturday’s demo turned out quite well also, although the the high ollie that won the contest “wasn’t even garbage can height”. Mike Munz had the wallride nollie out down, and did it with authority. Did I mention Eddie? This fella has the goods for real. Every trick was execited with smooth stylings. Quite a sight to behold. Benson was hurt I think, and everyone else killed it too. Classic old dude commentary: hyped on wallrides and clean styles…triteness runs rampant!

Finally, I ended up at Stonefly (Onopa) to see Soul Position. It was great to see such skate mainstays such as Stemper in the house. The beers were free flowing and I made it to class this morning so that has to count for something. After the show we headed over to Riverhorse for what I can only describe as one of my weirdest Riverhorse experiences (including the bathroom incident). I was offered persrciption pain pills, a persian man fell on me, a lurker hit his head on a door knob, A.M. was discussing the wonders of Kim-Chee and to top it off, the Doctor forgot where he parked. Weekends should all end this way.