Sound of Contusion

Hello fellow Robosapiens, I am here today to share with you (in no particular order) some photographs we’ve taken since the last moment in time that we communed.

Nick Mistele – Frontside Wallride
Max Murphy – Frontside Wallride
A party with friends is still a party.
Vince Stranc – Pole Jam Melon. We got sponsored by Culver’s because of this photo.
Max Murphy nosegrinds some various trash and debris that we combined into what one might considered a somewhat skateable obstacle.
Nick Matthews – Gap to Noseblunt – in the Promised Land.
Max Murphy clears the water hazard. Is skateboarding permissible under maritime law?
Samhain collage.
Vince rotates fiercely into a alley oop fakie smith type situation.
Marriage collage.
Max Murphy – Backside Noseblunt

Adios friends.