Spasticus Autisticus

No word back from Platinum yet, but the Dudes are fully on the triumvirate plan. As for your suggestions of the Illinois sites –…that site is only a forum and just features suburban kids talking about the coolest handrails, and the city dudes come along and make fun of their size 27 pants. Rinse, repeat. (The site used to be rad, I think they had to take down all the content due to bandwidth problems.) Il Dawg 1 will also not be cutting it, sorry. As for the next step on the triumvirate’s path to complete internet domination – we will need crests. I will submit my crest on Monday, I hope you will follow suit.

As for items in the news today – I’m quite impressed with the selection. I don’t even understand how this could possibly happen. Pumps? Oils? SHAVING? Ok, the pump, it’s far fetched, but I guess it could be possible. But shaving??? Intense. This one gets less funny when they start talking about what could have happened, but the premise of the entire thing is hilarious. Mostly just the “the disturbing photos included him placing his genitals on the girls’ personal items including drinking cups, bottles and food.” part.