Stereo Art Fart Show Super Review.

By now all of you devout WISKATE fans have seen the photos from the Stereo / Jason Lee Chris Pastras art show. Well, a old friend turned new has sent me a review of the show (he was there). Here is Joe Roberts take on the whole mess.

You know when you are hanging out with a girl and you want her to like you and shit so you don’t fart, and you have on fart lock all night? Then the next day you wake up and your stomach hurts all bad and shit? And you’re all like, “Man, I should have just farted” cause everbody farts. Even pertty girls. Well, that is nothing like the art show, so dont even trip. It was crowded. Everybody was looking all cool and shit and they played Tincan Folklore. Jason Lee had some photos up. Dune had some paintings. There was some old skateboards too. Look at the photos from Travis. See, you didn’t miss shit. So yeah, the art show is better then fart lock, but then again what isn’t? Oh wait, fart lock means you might be getting some too, so it’s not all that bad is it? -Joe

So there you have it. I know what he is saying about the fart lock thing. It’s funny because it’s true.