Stomping Through the Bario b/w The Horniest Smooth Jazz Song Ever

Ten Year Olds Love Slayer
Last night I finally conceded to Tim’s wishes and we went and rented the new Tony Hawk game. This was done on the promise that I could take Tim’s picture to use on the site with him and the title screen while he was drinking a Seagram’s Watermelon Margarita Wine Cooler. I don’t know what happened, but we forgot to take the picture. Or Tim pretended like he forgot and I forgot for real. Either way, this breaking tidbit of news is now picture less, and I’m sorry for that.

We copied the game to the Xbox’s hard drive and took it from there. It’s obviously retarded as hell, an embarrassment to skateboarding in general, and pretty much exactly the same as the other games. So basically it’s really fun if you don’t take it seriously and just go with the flow. Usually the first thing I do when I get a new T Hawk game, as a full time music nerd, is turn off all the in game music before I even have to have the misfortune of hearing it. This time I was feeling curious as to what kind of music they were assaulting the American public with so I decided we should leave it on and see what happened. I’m glad to hear that Angel of Death is included on the soundtrack. The demographic of 10 year olds that play Tony Hawk games definitely don’t have enough songs about Nazi death camp doctors in their daily diet. “Shut up Mom, I’m learning about Josef Mengele, he’s the monarch to the kingdom of the dead!!” Also included is Joy Division and the Cure. Kids with spiderweb looking hair and lace shirts that have plans for suicide are stoked. Most of the rest of the stuff is absolute garbage though, so don’t get the wrong idea.

Kind of on the same topic, I’m super into the Fydor Dostoevsky wheels by Teenage Runaway Urethane. Somehow I think that the joke might fly over a good percent of people’s heads, but maybe I’m wrong. Kind of like how Liquid Liquid ended up being in Project 8 flies right over my head. Whatever.

I actually watched a video clip on the Transworld site, and the kid’s video part is rad as hell. My pendulum of hope for skateboarding in general again swings back into the “not sucking” side. That is until I have to see another suburban Chicago video. Anyway, check out Ryan Lay, this dude knows what’s up.

I’ll also mention that Gabe’s video clip is back. Love this part, hopefully he doesn’t delete it this time.

Tim and I are also super stoked on this article about cats. “To record (so far as I can find) the highest a cat has fallen and survived was forty-six stories.” Damn! Makes me really look at our feline buddies in a whole new admiring light. Except Dug. Because he’s a fucker.

Weak Ends
I’m glad I squandered away all the perfect skating weather Old Man Winter blessed us with this week by watching TNG and sleeping on the couch, because this weekend the weather is going to be as bad as the music selection in Project 8. Sunday looks like it might be ok to ride the skateboards, but I’m not holding my breath.

As mentioned before though, the weekly Friday sesh is predicted to be awesome. Steve and Justin are in town, Tim claims he’s is going to come, Cru says he is making a final appearance, and maybe even Pizzy will show up. If this is going to be the last time, we have to take it to levels the MP has never even seen. We were going to clear out all the bikes from my basement and roll up as a huge gang on shitty, homoerotic bikes, but it’s cold as hell out right now and raining pretty hard. Foiled again!

The photo submissions keep rolling in. You know the drill, if you’re from Wisconsin and have some visually pleasing photos of you skateboarding or giving your dog a bath, send them to us!

James Lazar has the right idea – get to the bench before they even install it. That way you can have a chance to skate it before the BMXers fuck it up so bad, that after it is literally two days old it is so chipped up that you can barely skate it. Which is exactly what happened. Sometimes, since we don’t skate at that one skate(bmx)park anymore, it’s kind of a case of “out of sight, out of mind” and I forget how radical BMXers are. Brand new, totally ruined benches will always be here to remind me. Thanks guys! Dang, that got me all riled up. Photo by Sean Drews.

We once convinced a friendly young female police officer that it was A-OK for us to skate at this spot. Not that has much to do with anything, but when a photo evokes reminiscence it must be doing its job. Anyway, although this place has been skated forever, TJ takes it a little bit further with a 360 flip over the rail. Super sick.

You have no idea how clever it makes me feel that I get to use another skate photo from the place we spend every Friday night on the site on a Friday. I’ll tell you. Not that clever. But as I said when I used the photo of Mike Roebke wallriding to fakie, this thing is hard as hell to skate. Ollie up the curb at speed, get over the crack on the bottom of the door, roll on the rough as hell plaster on the wall. Not that easy. We love you Mad Planet, sorry that we have to leave you, but it’s for the best.

Photo of the day #40

Another from the half frame folder. I already posted the resulting photo from this full pipe session – Gabe with a broken arm. Not only will these things make you feel dirtier than ever (maybe not sexually), but they’ll fuck you up. Look, my frame isn’t fake photoshop either, SAM. (Toby busted you out, so much for the Triumvirate sticking together!)