Sunday Morning Commin’ Down

Just in case you missed it… yesterday was Boardfest down in the third ward. Lots of snow shredding to be had. Josh let me know that he doesn’t really like snowboarders cause they all wear goofy hats. I guess what he doesn’t really understand is that snowboarding has under gone a HUGE rennaissance. Most snowboarders now look like this . HUGE difference Josh… damn kid… get a clue!

Anyway… back to boardfest… the snow shredding seemed kinda amateur. Although you could tell the trio in the finals were a cut above the rest. But there was some professional grade skating going on by the likes of Brian Sumner and Ernie Torres. They were both in town to support Analog, who is consequently owned by the snow shredding company Burton. Guess snow shredding makes the world go round!

Special thanks goes out to the men who put together the mini ramp. If it weren’t for those guys, then NOTHING would have been skated. What putz dropped the ball on that one?

Ernie Torres does some kinda foot plant trick. I’m an idiot… someone please tell me what this is called.

More idiotic photos from yesterdays festivites to come on this site .