Swamp Rat, Super Good.

I think it’s time to get back in the update mode. We have been slacking harder than ever and using winter as an excuse just doesn’t cut it. We have been skating and filming and working on BEEZ III and all sorts of other stuff.

This weekend was epic. Carn and Gabe were in town and a lot got accomplished. Gabe pulled a Ferris on Friday and took the day off of work to roam Milwaukee and skate and film with me for Scott Bauer’s new video Ulterior Motive. We had some luck, got a few moves on tape and had a great time. Saturday Carny came up from Illinois and brought some friends for some more BEEZ III action. If I even began to tell you what happened on Saturday you wouldn’t believe me. And if you did believe me, I would have to kill you. It all ended with Josh firing up the pizzaz pizza maker and having a feast complete with Dr. Bold’s and Jack’s mexican style pizza. I need to get across to you guys that BEEZ III is going to possibly be the most insane thing you will ever see. Make sure to come to the premiere when it happens. And wear some rubber diapers, because you’re sure to wet yourself.

Pictures for you!

This dude is rad. A.K. from who knows where. He lived in my closet for a summer when I lived in Madison. Super good guy and has some amazing skills. He was involved in the “poonicorn” scandal which you may or may not have heard about. He’s friends with Moby and some other famous people, but I am sure he could give a shit. Come back soon Adam.

Gabe loves his Guitar Hero. He also loves drinking soda with pizza (and Pizzy) and wacky ledge tricks. He’s super patient behind the camera and that leads to inconsistent people like me getting footage. Thanks Gabe.

Josh needed a new board and figured since Pat’s pro model has been sitting at our house for over a month (or three) it automatically makes it his. Check the prince albert on that baby. Graphics by Josh and I.

How did this happen? Josh got a gig at the Mardi Gras? Someone must have tipped off the owner of that fine establishment to Josh’s antics while wearing his manties. Be there Friday for the show.

Fuckin’ Gary.