Tales From The Crypt.

I am still without internet. Good thing I spend so much time over here at Josh’s house playing Ms. Pac Man. Sometimes I get inspired to update between games.

Does anyone from Madison check the site? I have been back to visit a couple of times over the past two weeks. My good friend Derek Apel and former professional skateboarder, Dave Mayhew opened a shop about 15 minutes outside of downtown madison called Alumni. It’s a really good shop that pretty much only carries the best stuff (with the exception of World Industries and Blind and kiddy crap like that). Definately a good place to spend your mom’s money. Go there now and put your allowance to use.
Another shop opened up in Madison called Focus and it looks like a huge carbon copy of Flying Fish minus the wakeboards and kites (but they DO have rollerblades). Not very impressive. Speaking of Flying Fish, word has it that they are having a “going out of business” sale. Not confirmed, but I wouldn’t be suprised. Although hackey sack sales are up, it can’t make up for all the money lost on the lack of kite sales. Only time will tell.

Yesterday was Pat Forster’s birthday. Next time you see him, spank him 32 times really hard.
Happy birthday, Pizzy.