Tally Ho

Sunday a couple of weeks ago…We went to all of the same spots we went to the day before, it was really windy, and Pizzy broke a full pipe.

Matt Nordness – Backside Tailslide Fakie. He did it perfect for the photo, then tried forever to get a good one on film. Quite the trooper, this one.

Tj Bohach – Switch Tailslide. I don’t think the flash on the left went off for this one. Or maybe Gary was standing in front of it. Seems like something he would do.

Tj Bohach – Bluntslide Into Bank. Everyone hates this stupid spot. The wind blew my flash over and one of the batteries rolled in a crack in the ground and was not obtainable. Old Man Winter is being a dick already.

Check out Lutzka’s new part. There’s a bit of Milwaukee footage in there.