Since Lord Cru is going with the ‘breed, which is totally unacceptable, I’m going to have to step things up a notch and go with the chug chug antics of Canada’s finest hxc band ever: Chokehold! I don’t think the quotes are quite as sing along-able, but nevertheless, still quite earth shattering in meaning.

Arcade News!!!
As you may have noticed we some of us here at wiskate are pretty into wasting money on collecting arcade games. That’s why a call I recieved yesterday was quite tantilizing. Mr. Twister called me up right as I was leaving my work and said our friend Lynn phoned him and said there was a Street Fighter 2 machine on the side of the road with a ‘free’ sign on it. The machine was on the East Side which is maybe 20 – 25 minutes from my work, so I knew I had to get there quick. When I was about 5 minutes away, I got a call from my friend, who also moonlights as my landlord, and he somehow locked his keys between the jailbar screen door and the backdoor. It’s freezing outside, and time was of the essence, so I was on a cannonball run to my house. After the detour, I let him in so he could get his keys, and it was a tense drive back over to the eastside.

Fig 1a: The beast rests in the snow.

I didn’t know exactly where this thing was located, so I just parked in the general area and started combing the blocks. A few minutes later, SF2 was spotted! I got the Captain on the phone, since he’s the poor bastard that has the pickup truck and invariably gets the calls like these, and he was on his way so fast. While I was waiting I greedily guarded that thing like a Tapir mother guarding her young. Everytime someone would look at it I’d give them the most fearful scowl you’ve ever seen. Cap finally arrived soon after, and we had the game loaded up in mere seconds. He shuttled it to Cream City while I was responsible and went home and did my chores.

Fig 1b: Josh and Capy load the Street Fighter 2 Machine

A few hours later I was finally able to make it over to the park. Best part: it doesn’t actually work right now. Second best part: we already have a Street Fighter 2 machine there. Anyway, the monitor comes up, so that’s a really good sign. I’ll have it fixed in no time though. Hopefully. But hey, free arcade game!

Fig 1c: The game in its final resing place. Yes there, sharp eye, that’s a Gauntlet cab!

Cream City News!!!
Now I shall dutifully mention what is going on at Cream City: Handrail is in. A sea of masonite has been screwed down. Mike only has one more team to defeat in NBA Jam. Roger is growing with forceful speed. A new wallride has bloomed. Feature in the new Stuck Mag? Capy skating in long underwear looking totally like a baseball player?? Or maybe even modern Jason Dill. Bill with a coalminers headlamp?? Marble tiles?? Time will tell.

The Carn sent me a link to the Enjoi trailer here. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure it’s awesome, so I’ll just go ahead and post the link.

In conclusion, big ups to the Captain. Without his unending dedication, this post would not have been possible. Also, props to Lynn for the eagle eye, you are also integral to this production. May you have good fortune with your Arkanoid scores.