…The Biggest Beanie Baby Collection In Wisconsin…

First off, I put up a new video clip of Andrew Norris doing a line in downtown Minneapolis. This is another one of those video clips that was footage given to me by Mike Roebke. He gets 125 EXP for that one, and before he knows it, he’ll be to LVL 13 and fighting Owl Bears in no time! Click here to cast Magic Missile (and to view the video clip, but that part doesn’t slay nearly as many half orcs)!

Next up, on the Northern Athletik site, there’s a video clip of their recent trip to Louisville. Check it out, there’s some good stuff in there.

Finally, the video reviews people have been sending in are down right pathetic. Check this “Flip sorry is my favorit movie i love ali boulala and geoff rowley the music was great and their team is the best and the tricks were really good and geoff rowley is my hero”. Think you can do better than that? I think you can too. Hook us up, I know some of you got some good ones hiding somewhere. Go to the reviews section for more info if you’ve never reviewed anything before, or if you’re one of the old school reviewers, get back in there!