The Clumsy Boots, Peek-a-boo Roots That People Think So Dashing

The big election is over. Some old dudes were elected in, some elected out. I’m glad most of them were the ones that aren’t so into magic and fairy tales, but here I go talking about something again that I hate to even think about. I had to bring it up though, because I wanted to say how Lord Cru texted me last night and said that he gave me a write in vote for sheriff. Thanks Cru, you know how good I look in uniform way better than anyone else out there, so the vote makes sense. No one has contacted me at this point, so I don’t think I won.

Also of note, last night I again went to the neighborhood Walmart to pick up some garbage bags. I kind of wandered around the store a little bit looking for an impulse buy or two, and man did I come through. I present to you:

I’ve been trying to get my hands on one of these for years and I’ve never seen one in stock. But there it was, awaiting my impulse buy like we were meant to be. It was the only one on the shelf, no price tag, no floor model, it was there for me and me only. Welcome home Pizzaz Pizza Oven!

I was so stoked on Gabe’s video part he had online yesterday that I was going to link to it again, but just as I predicted, he deleted it. So go ahead and watch the Pizzaz clip again instead or something. Maybe just do a front foot impossible to say R.I.P. Whatever.

It’s ridiculous nice outside, I have no idea why I’m even sitting on a computer. It doesn’t change the fact that later tonight is still Old Dude Night at Cream City. 25% off entry, 25 years old and older. Billy, leave your goddamn frontside flips at home!

I’ve been talking to a couple of people about getting some photo submissions to post up on the site. If it’s one thing wiskate has been accused of, it’s not covering anyone but our group of friends. So with this, we branch out.

I don’t think Dane was trying to butter us up with his selection of wallride and pole jam photos, but it sure didn’t hurt. Pat Connelly pole jams.

Eric photographs the Milwaukee Skateboarding guys that we’ve been hyping up on the site lately. I’m pretty stoked that he shoots medium format, and he has a good group of people to go out and shoot with so things can only get better for him. Anyway, TJ frontside flips at a spot that people couldn’t ride away from tricks at when I last filmed there six years ago. I can only imagine how much worse it is now.

Both guys both sent me a bunch of photos to use, so I’ll just post one a day from each until I run out. Any other Wisconsin photographers that has some good photos and would like to see them on here, contact me.

Photo of the day #38

Milwaukee forever, bros.