The lease? What lease?

So I finally set up that mini gas grill I received for baby jesus’ birfday and man does that thing rule. I’ve been grilling shit during the the day! Home alone? Have a few minutes between classes/fishing? No problem! Man grilling is great. Speaking of grilling, there is a brat fest on Saturday the 10th at Grosch’s foods in Brookfield. I think I might know a few people who will be there, so get down there! The proceeds go to the Waukesha Special Olympics, so if the brats are no good, at least the cause is. I think a wise man once said “Man..poop would taste good if you grilled it!” Or maybe it was deep-fried..either way…

So break out the absinthe, it’s official. Man I’m glad too because I was just getting pumped on skating again. Every year my torque levels get higher as the season drags on and then winter throws off the whole deal..Not this year kiddies!

Until next time, check out this bass the Cap caught and keep listening to the whispers in the wind!