The Moment of Truth


They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, that’s why today’s second guest update is by none other than the infamous curator of a sworn enemy of the triumvirate, Jeff Turner. You may know him from such sites as and

apparently since not enough interesting things are going on in the triumvirate, josh has asked little ol me to do a guest update.

there are a few things i’d like to talk about today so please bear with me because everything i’m going to mention in the following paragraphs is absolutely dripping with awesomeness and has nothing to do with the triumvir-lame.

the first order of business is for me to mention what an absolutely awesome display of senseless macho violence the movie “blade trinity” is. every time i see a blade movie it pumps me up so much i want to go karate fight the nearest person i can find until they disappear in a pile of smoldering ash! but since i’m kind of a pussy i usually just end up sitting there with an idiot grin on my face thinking about how cool it would be to rule and kick all sorts of vampire ass like blade. the only thing i’d change about these movies is the really bad bad techno soundtrack they seem to have on each one, and wesley snipes’ overdone tribal tattoos. please go see this movie and let it inspire you to karate fight and punch things. did i mention that josh hates my love of blade?

have you ever noticed how the triumvirate never mentions anything about christmas, or channukah, or kwanzaa, or anything? i’m beginning to think they are kind of like mormons and don’t really celebrate anything, which is cool if you’re a mormon, but not so cool if you’re supposed to be encompassing some tri-state club of supposed awesomeness. see, i’m all about the holiday season and have even volunteered to play santa today at the local sears portrait studio for four hours! i seriously doubt you see any of the triumvirate members donating any of their time to anything but talking about themselves and playing with each other’s wee wees. i mean really, cmon guys.. tis the season.

finally there is one more thing i feel the need to get off of my chest. a while back josh showed me some of the tattoos of different anime characters he has tattooed on his body. he seemed quite proud of them at the time and i can only hope that he has come to realize how weird and lame it is to have anime things tattooed anywhere on your body even if it’s temporary. So i’ve decided to use this last paragraph to help (here i go being all selfless and giving in the spirit of the holiday season again) josh find tattoos to cover up the hook-ups fan boy tattoos he has right now. this is for the greater good folks, please think of your fellow skaters this holiday season and submit your new designs for josh’s new tattoos! if josh is a good sport and agrees to be helped maybe he’ll post your suggestions here on the site! don’t count on it though, he’s a sensitive one.

as a parting gesture let me leave you with this image ( which is what google image search gives you when you search for triumvirate… how fitting! is that josh trying to ride two horses? or maybe it’s tim since tim updates more than josh does… whatever, toodles kiddies.

As you can see, Jeff is a bitter, bitter old man who does not yet know how to properly use capitalization. He also takes over 10,000 hp in JOBD each and every night.