The Most Dangerous Game

While skating this spot, somehow things got very scary and a little thing got started we like to call the Hungry Games. It is a very dangerous game and could be quite expensive if you find yourself unlucky enough to be the loser. The game involves only a clown, a tosser, and observers. Observers call out a trick for the clown to perform. If the clown fails he must leave his board on the ground where the tosser tosses a big rock at the board. If the clown lands the trick the tosser must smash the rock once on the ground at his feet to make it become smaller in size. The clown can only win if he lands enough tricks to make the rock become a pebble. This did not happen in todays Hungry Games.

Hungry Games brings all sorts of spectators.

Offerings are made to the Hungry gods.

The Tosser.

It is not uncommon for the Tosser to intimidate the Clown. Clown is however unshaken.

Long Toss.

Close Call.

Clowns Revenge.