The Passion of Lovers…

Early morning update!

I’m pretty into Tim’s insistance that he has quit skating. Tim, how long has it been since you skated? Two weeks? I’ve seen you not skate for two months and you never claimed such silly things. Saying you’re never going to skate the Spot Ditch again? Johnson’s Park? Sherman 10 stair? Bank bank? The street in front of my house? Crazy talk.

He does have a point about the ads though. Pretty funny. The best part about it though is that with the Google ads, they use the text on the site to try to figure out what they think are “targeted” ads. I think it shows exactly how much this part of the site is actually about skateboarding. If you go into the video review section, all the ads are for online skateshops and stuff. Front page? Tootsie pops and Ford Explorers. I’m not even sure where the Ford Explorer fits into all this, but like I said, as long as I earn enough to get one lunchtime Subway sub per month, I’m feeling great.

Shit! The 7 year anniversary of the site was on the 18th. Only four days late. But you know how that goes. She’s going to claim that it is fine, but at the most inopportune time it’s going to rear it’s ugly head again and become the biggest issue in the world. I’M SORRY!