The Power of Three!!

…another perk of being a member of the Triumvirate. I’m sure some of you are aware of the “Google Page Rank”. Basically what Google does is somehow calculate how many links you have to your site, and weights the links by how popular the site linking to you is. The final score is rated on a scale of one to ten. So basically, if you add up wiskate’s, Platinum’s, and Dude’s page ranks, we pull a 12. That’s even more powerful than Google itself! Just another example on how we’re forever wailing asses.

New video news – I think the only one I’ve seen since Static II was a shop video called “Where I’m From”. It’s from a shop in D.C. called Pit Crew. Definitely a good video, Pat Smith comes through with skating some super janky looking NY spots, and Sean Mullendore has some insane pop. Bobby Worrest has the last part, and has a pretty solid section. The dvd also has a bonus section with some “vintage” D.C. footage that is super rad.

Video clip news – This one was stolen from Dudes, but we’re a team here, so it’s ok! Trailer for the Blind video. No, it’s of course no Video Days, and the company has been pretty Chachi for years, but Creager’s trick in there is pretty intense. I also checked out Official New York for the first time in awhile. Dustin Charlton’s new clip on there is hot.

I think the girls on this very, very special dating site would indeed be impressed by Tim’s Grand Vorpal Sword of Great Accuracy. He hath slain over twelve Owl Bears with it in the last week alone!

What’s up with the crest?