The Site is Officially Dead(?)

So it seems that fishing has taken the place of skateboarding as pastime of choice for quite a few local Milwaukee skateboarders. Also, Josh has taken the liberty of building an arcade machine that has every (EVERY) arcade game ever. Now there are only a few hours left a week to skate. In other words, Wiskate may turn into Wiangle or However, a couple of us were hyped on skating and filming for a potential new video last week, but that dream seems to have died before it was even breathing.

Have any of you seen the new Blueprint video? If not, go to Phase II and buy it (if there are any left). It’s really good. I also happened to see a Popwar promo that ripped. Not sure if it’s for sale or not. Maybe you can “download” it for the “internet”.

John Rock, Bill Kaschner and Josh are playing Frogger and sucking.