The weekend!

It’s friday… almost there. T-Minus 7 hours and counting! I just want a couple of days to lay around and do NOTHING. I know I won’t do that, but it would be nice wouldn’t it?

In other news, Josh posted all the cool stuff in the world. Tall men saving dolphins… just when they were suppose to be virtually extinct! Will he have given them the breath of fresh air that they need to succeed? Who knows. Let’s check back on that in another 500 years and see what happened. Oh… and Guitar Hero] giving some dude who pitches for the Detroit Tigers an inflamed elbow. Not that torquing out your arm with 98 MPH fast balls will do that… but dude had to go and play Guitar Hero too much… and then couldn’t work, but I guess that’s forgive able for people who made 2.5 MILLION last year. I wonder what would have happened to me and you? Tim? Josh? Lord Cru? What would happen if we just happened to have a Guitar Hero injury that made it possible for us to not work? Would we still have jobs?

Quite possibly the best Guitar Hero video EVER… here .

We got a new MFM in my office. For you snow shred heads… thats not Marc Frank… thats one of these. You don’t know how happy this makes me… honestly you don’t. There is serious rejoicing going on in the cubes. I’m planning on going Office Space on the old one later today with the rest of the staff. PC Load LETTER!

Does any of this have to do with skating? No… but I’m on a role… so I’ll add one more point and leave you… Milwaukee is now home to a fantastic vodka. I say that in all sincerity as well. It really is quite good. And it’s hard to find at this point… lets hope it doesn’t go this route.

A photo… I’ll leave you with this… Sean Hanley- Ollie, Dover Elementry… Bayview.