The world’s first argument about Donger stemming from a Spazz song

For my birthday I took these skate photos:

I’m pretty sure Tj Bohach didn’t really want to do this ollie, but how can you let four filmers and a birthday boy down? This is four blocks from my house, doesn’t really have any run up, and I’m pretty sure no one has ever jumped it before. Then again, I’ve been wrong before. Regardless, he gave me the present of riding away after a few practice slams.

This one is all about the golden hour. When you’re turning another year older, the hour is just that more golden. Tim Olson, slip foot, ollie north, and one foot. I made him push violently uphill at least five times before I felt the scene was beautiful enough for my birth anniversary.

After we were all done with the skateboarding, it was party adventure time. It started with some funtimes at the house and eventually led to some very late night woodland adventures. Stemper went swimming in the raging Milwaukee river, the piss wand led the way, things got trippy, Pizzy was very aggressive and dangerous, and I pretty much had the best times ever. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great one, and extra special thanks to the party cam and party mode for making all of these pictures look so beautifully partyriffic.

Bonus Gabe elf boot jump kick!

To match our best summer ever, the dudes at the Plat were busy having a best summer ever of their own. We both always have so much in common!

Don’t forget about King of the Road at Cream City on Saturday!