They Go Crazy In the Bedroom Baby, They Might Explode Your Mind!

I took this photo with the lens that came with the very first SLR I ever owned at the tender young age of 18. It’s a piece of crap, but you can never forget your firsts. Tim did this frontside wallride on a board more similar to his very first skateboard than usual. What a stupid caption.

A solid and kind of rare combination. Pizzy has a blog now. Ben does not, but he did just get a new game for his Dreamcast.

I think this might mean filming has begun in earnest for the inevitable Beez 4. Bumming kids and boring people out is getting to be a full time job.

Pizzy’s vices of choice are vodka Redbulls and amassing an unwieldy mp3 collection. Gabe’s vices of choice include buying large amounts of shoes and sleeping as much as or more than Gary.

This thing sucks but it didn’t stop the Pizzy pivot fakie train. Excuse the annoying shadow since the flash that worked in California no longer works, and the one that didn’t work there works great now. It seems I will never get to know the glowy caress of two flashes at once.

I’m Djing Morrissey Mondays at the Cactus Club now. Come on down, every Monday night, 10pm-2am. Vance will be there doing really sweet dances.

Bill’s been killing it on the Cream City site. It’s now a daily check out. I hate how the splash page on Platinum Seagulls opens the main site in a new window, but the latest posts have been solid. That’s all.