Things you already know

SO….word on the street places Reese Forbes on the new deluxe project and off Element. In terms of integrity for the cause, that may be a good idea although his paycheck may be significantly smaller on “Rasa Libre”. Good for Reese though, Element is complete garbage and anyone who thinks differently is wrong. Oh yeah, and the fiberlight boards are actually a few grams heavier than the featherlight when it comes down to actual weight. So next time you pick up a fiberlight and say, “oh mom, it’s so light” check yourself.

In a bit of news that is sure to raise an eyebrow or two, Jordan Richter (sp.?) is skating for Aesthetics. Somehow I can’t picture a bearded follower of Allah on tour with Clyde but….who knows these days. On a somewhat related note, was it just me or did Richter’s beard look really shiny in the new On video?

In a final bit of news of the “Who cares?” variety, one of the worst companies in skateboarding, Bootleg, should have their video in stores soon. Some members of the actual team are quite amazing on the skateboards but the graphics, ads, whole idea of the company etc. is one of the biggest piles of horseshit ever. The video will be called “Bootleg 3000” for the total amount of money the company will have made when it goes under. There might even be a handrail or two in the video! Seriously though, get your rich friend who always buys videos to pick it up and check out Pete Eldridge because he can really ride it well.

That’s all for now so until then, keep doing it wrong…
I love you!!