Thirsty Day

I’m still ill. Not that kinda ill. This kinda ill. It really does suck. I got up multiple times last night to caugh up this kinda stuff. Not too fun, but at least I’m getting better. I don’t think anyone really cares… I just wanted to make sure that you all knew that your body makes at least a cup of snot a day! Thats a fact! And don’t you forget it.

The weather is changing. Looks like snow in the forecast. That may mean no skating for those of you hard core to skating when its freezing outside. BUT… it does mean that you can get your little fanny down to Cream City for the Lutzka demo. That’s right! I said Greg Lutzka is gonna be at Cream City Saturday, Dec. 23rd. After which there is suppose to be a video preimere for the Oakley video Our Life. See the trailer here

Looks like Old dude went off without a hitch last night. Uncle Will seems a little bummed, but he does better buttery backside flips then just about anyone over that hip… or kickflip indys. You decide. Either way, I like your steez Willy!

I’ve got two angles for you kids today! One long lens and one fisheye… YEAH! Here you got Mr. Jack Richardson hittin a big switch pop shuv at that place that Josh pointed at yesterday as being “Dirty Palms”. I’m not sure why it’s called that either, but for another reason… seems to me that if you go there and all you got was dirt on your palms, you’re lucky. That place should just be called Dirty. Cause everytime I leave there, thats what I am. Or maybe it’s just cause I’m the only fool stupid enough to lay down on the asphalt to shoot a photo. Maybe both. Whatever… enjoy!