This is for the hearts still beating…

The site has been pretty lame this week. The holidays and all that, you know.

I did go through the video review queue, and I think I accepted maybe 2 out of 20. Spellcheck? Punctuation? Spelling names right? Obviously not important when sending a video review to an ultra important website. Ok, maybe wiskate is pretty weak lately, but a lot of people do actually read those things. Put a little effort into it?

Cream City?! Jesus, I was there last night. 98% done? At least. So many options to skate that you don’t usually see in a skatepark. Basically a lot of the best spots in the world semi-recreated all under one roof. With a NBA Jam machine. Doesn’t get much better than this. The opening should be soon.

Tim went to Madison to pick up our stuff that was in the gallery. I hope I sold something, because I still don’t have new tires. Hopefully it doesn’t snow soon.