Too big for britches?

So there seems to be this problem that plagues the entertainment industry. Certain people feel that since they are famous, thay have more ability than they actually do. Examples? You may or may not remember this, but Eddie Murphy tried to fashion himself as some sort Ray Charles. This may come as a surprise to you, but he failed, and failed hard. Another example? Britney and her feeble-ass attempt at opening at an eating hot-spot in NYC called NYLA. It was supposed to stand for New York-Louisiana. After the 100th person got food poisoning, they decided to call it a day and Britney hung up her chef’s hat. So you may be asking yourself where this going and how it applies to skateboarding…..Well children, in skateboarding, they problem seems to be almost exclusively invasive in the area of music. Let’s face it, while there are many skateboarder that are good musicians, the fact that you ride a skateboard does not give you permission to punish the rest of the world with shitty music and/or beats. Let’s take the trend as seen in the last few years, people making beats and weird little techno joints for the credits of transworld video whatever..Hey guys, Apple called and they want their beats back. That shit is so fucking wack it’s ridiculous. Why do you think that people need to be subjected to your garbage music?! If you want to make beats in the privacy of your own home, that’s great! I love music too and there’s nothing better than using it as your creative outlet. However, if it sucks balls, it sucks balls and the public doesn’t need to hear that shit. Same goes for video music arrangement. (see firm video) Ray Barbee is an awesome skater. He has such a rad style and seems as though he is always in a good mood. Now that we have that outof the way, why the fuck does he think his music is good!? “Cause it is Lord Crue, you don’t know what you are talking about!!” is that what you are saying young child? No, it’s not and when I hear the music in the Firm Video it makes me want to sacrifice and enitre flock of canadian geese. Fuck that garbage, are you kidding me? It’s soooo worthless it makes me puke. Sorry Ray, I just can’t keep quiet. So there are more for sure, but use your own imagination to think of the rest. First person to email me with another culprit wins a cute e-card and a hug. Until then….